Explore. the .fundamentals .about .bartending .at .our .workshops that .are exclusively
  designed .for .amateurs..who. want .to .either .learn .bartending for fun or .for aspiring
  students .who want to know more about bartending as a profession and .to be able to
  work behind .the bar and create cocktails and also learn something new .and exciting.
  Bartending is regarded more as a profession these days. Bartenders get to be called
  as . 'drinks . .designers' .or .'mixologists' .which .gives .it .a .kind .of . .scientific .sound,
  ‘Spiritual .adviser' is .a nice .one .somebody .is using. It all reflects the added interest
  and .research .in .the mixing of ingredients and the creation of new flavors, with some
  creative .bartenders beginning .to put on a chef's toque. And that’s the reason why we
  also .have . comprehensively .formatted . immaculate .program .for . .the . .Food . and
  beverage .staff .at .excellent .customer .service .cautious hotels and restaurants. This
  program .would .assist .your .staff .in complete training on every aspect of bartending
  such .as .cocktail .making, .flair .bartending, . in-depth understanding and knowledge
  about .wines .and .such .others. .Also .during .these . .workshops .your .skills .will .be
  assessed on the elements important in your real work environment.
  Presently .we .have .been .successfully . carrying .out .the .following .workshops. .The
  alcohol related .workshops .are available .to those .21 years of age or older. You may
  contact us if you wish to tailor-make the workshop to fit your needs.
  • Cocktail workshops
  • Wine workshops
  • Flair workshops
  A cocktail workshop .is designed for groups who want to learn how to make cocktails,
  work .behind .the bar and .have a lot .of .fun tasting .the .results! A .cocktail .workshop
  takes .anything .between 3 - 6 hours. We .set up a .professional cocktail bar, shakers,
  blender, .glasses .and .all the .other .necessary equipment. Our bartenders teach the
  participants .to .mix .and shake .cocktail, .to flare .with shakers and bottles and dazzle
  their friends .with .amazing . bar .tricks!! .Our . .workshops .are .fun . where .you . have
  opportunity .to .interact .and .socialize .with .good .people and together turn into better
  host .by mastering the art of making and serving mouth watering cocktails and create
  eye-popping garnish that is sure to impress.
  The .idea .is .that . the .workshops .have .an .impact . on .BOTH .your . .personal . and
  professional .development. .Cocktail .workshops .are .a great .addition .to any kind of
  party .or .event. .We teach all the well-known world-class cocktails: Daiquiri, Margarita,
  Caipiroschka, .Mojito, .Cosmopolitan, .Fruit .Martinis, Bloody .Mary, .Long .Island .Iced
  Tea and more.
  Sampling: Throughout .the .duration .of .the .workshop, you'll ..prepare .and .sample
  many of the most popular cocktail recipes.
  Workshop Content
  1. Basic Glassware
  2. Basic Bar Equipment
  3. Methods of mixing
  4. Classic Cocktails
  5. Contemporary and innovative cocktails
  6. Garnishes
  7. Planning a home bar/party
  8. What brands to buy, the right quality, the right source?
  9. Alcohol-free Cocktails Non-alcoholic cocktails and fruit shakes are always
  ....available in our workshops.
  Cocktail .recipes of the practiced cocktails will be provided at the end of the workshop.
  Along with .women .and amateurs. this workshop is also great for corporate or private
  group functions or upscale affairs requiring the finest cocktails in the world...including
  cocktail-paired .dinners .and .night-on-the-town .get-togethers. . If .you .wish to book a
  group please contact us to discuss group rates.
  Do you want to learn all about Wines? Introduce your guests, friends and family to the
  proud tradition of French and European .wines. This 3-6 hours workshop will educate
  you on today’s popular wines as you sample .them to distinguish their differing tastes
  and .make-ups. .As every . .great .chooses .only .the .best .grapes; .Bar
  solutions has sought out bartenders who are wine specialist to deliver this workshop.
  Our Wine specialists are not just stuffy wine guys, but they actually possess extensive
  wine .knowledge .as well .as genuine enthusiasm, which show when they are talking
  about wines.
  Wine .Service: .Great . .for . .home . .wine . .enthusiasts . .and . .those . working . .in
  establishments that serve wine; you will learn precise wine service with emphasis on
  glassware .and pouring, .as well .as .how .to .match .wines with food to enhance your
  guests wine experience.
  Sampling: From .light-bodied .whites, .to .more full-bodied .and robust reds, you will
  sample .different .wine .types .throughout .the .duration of the workshop. You will also
  sample sparkling wine.
  1. Grape varieties
  2. Wine making countries – Old world, New world
  3. Correct Glassware, wine accessories
  4. Reading a wine label
  5. Tasting & Serving wine
  6. Food & Wine pairing
  7. Storing wine
  If you wish to receive more information about this program, please call our office.
  Flipping , spinning, .throwing .& balancing - The .secret to flair is to practice it, enjoy it,
  break a lot of bottles & get support for all this by attending and participating in our flair
  workshops. Thousands .of people .across the world practice flair bartending, both as
  professional .bar .staff .and .as .a hobby. .At .our .workshops .talented .leaders in this
  industry .will impart words of wisdom and tips for taking your business/ profession to
  the next .level through flair /show .bartending. .Whether .you .are .looking .for tips .and
  tricks .in .shrinkage .control .or .new .methods .of up selling, entertaining .guests .this
  track . is .beneficial .for .all. .This .hands-on ..workshop .teaches .professionals . .and
  aspiring . students .how . .entertain . .guests, . .clientele .or . .audiences .with . the
  manipulation of bar tools (e.g. cocktail shakers) and .liquor .bottles .in .tricky, dazzling
  ways. .Used .occasionally . in .cocktail .bars, .the .action . requires . skills . commonly
  associated with jugglers. Our flair workshops have benefited many as it has become
  a sought-after talent among venue owners .and marketers .to help advertise .a liquor
  product or the opening of a bar establishment.
  Our .workshops .will .teach .you .to .perform .good light-hearted .flair and .entertaining
  while .making . quality . .cocktails. Flair is . .showmanship .added .to .bartending .that
  enhances .the .overall .guest . experience. .The .ideas .behind . .mixology . .and .drink-
  oriented .or service- minded bartending can still be upheld with the correct application
  of .Working Flair. Recently .as .we have been conducting workshops we have realized
  that .there .is .a . .noticeable . rise . .bartenders . .combining . .prominent .mixology
  knowledge and working flair skills all over the world.
  1. Flair Basics
  2. Pouring Styles
  3. Can Moves
  4. Using simple things like Garnishes, Ice etc
  5. Speed Mixing
  6. Working flair
  Also we have specially designed one or two day seminar cum workshops that is
  beneficial for students of bartending/ hotel management schools. Any institute through
  out India interested to have us conduct any of the workshops please get in touch with us
  via mail or call us.