Consulting & Services
  Bar Designing :
  Bar . to. generating..lasting . results by..partnering.. with . .our SUCCESS in. the bar..&.restaurant..industry. ..At..its. core, .our
  services consist of 3 major components:
  Innovative and Effective Organizational Psychology
  Product and Concept Design
  Operational Consulting
  In the Bar & Restaurant.industry, success is.achieved only.when your.clients are 100%
  satisfied..At Bar. Solutions, our success. is measured. by. your .success. Utilizing..our the industry, with. each of. our..clients .develop. customized
  strategies. that will..lay. the .foundation. for..our .mutual. success.. We ..have .provided
  professional.on-site services & .bar,
  nightclub,.tavern, franchise, owners and operators with.very positive
  and.profitable.results.Our.clients have.reported saving costs,
  decreasing.theft and much as. 90%, .and. increasing profits by up. to. 75%
  after utilizing our services.
  Designing Aspect:-
  It has become.a.trend.of.all.profitable bars, to.have.a bar. consultant .working with.. the
  architect. on..the .design. of. the. barareas..The .reason .is .so .you .have .a .bar. which
  bartenders. can .use, whilst. still..being. an..ornately .beautiful. bar.. If is then
  impractical it may not allow.your staff. to work at.maximum efficiency,.we can assist. in.
  improving. the. layout. of your implement .and .consider. the
  following features in order to create the perfect bar design.
  • Structure Design
  • Traffic Flow
  • Location Analysis
  • Theme Development
  • Equipment Purchasing
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Niche Designs
  One. what.we..strive.and achieve.for.all. our.. clients..Every .guest.
  .that.comes..through.. .your .very..valuable... &. you them .every.
  reason. to. return.. It is. of. vital importance. that your venue. is ready for success .from
  day one.
  Most bars months .of .opening because. they don’t have .an..adequate
  plan. in place. .It.. is..important .remember .are...not.. just...opening..a .bar..but
  operating.a business. This can various.conditions suchas. poor.
  location, poor planning, But it doesn't.have this way. current
  Even .owners .find..that..they catching..up.with.industry .trends or focus
  shifting .the .to. their .another..specialty..Some are in
  need ..of ..operational,..while ...internal...theft.
  problems with or inventory controls. Whatever your needs are, we can assist!
  The .main. focus .of .what .we. offer. in.relation. to .opening .a. new. bar is .infrastructure.
  We provide solutions that work.
  However before we provide you. with .a .bar. design . there .a few questions. that. need
  to be answered
  • Do you currently have a written business plan for your bar?
  • Do you currently have a location selected for your bar?
  • Have you ever owned or operated a bar before?
  • Are you in need of consulting services at this time?
  • What type of bar will your bar be?
  • What is your bars vision?
  • Why your bar will be unique?
  • Who are your customers?
  • Where are your customers located?
  • What do your customers like?
  • Have you secured the needed financing for your bar?
  • Are you planning to buy, build, or lease your bar?
  Once we have the.answers to.this we.can go. ahead .with. the .plan. Few .points to be
  considered related to specific requirements are as follows
  • What equipment do you already have?
  • What equipment do you need?
  • What maintenance does your equipment require?
  Stock & Raw Materials
  • What stock do you use?
  • How often do you need it?
  • What is the self life of that stock?
  Production Process
  • What tasks needs to be preformed in operation of your business?
  • What are the details of that task?
  • What time is required to finish that task?
  So let’s have a quick look at what bartenders actually need access too.
  • Glass Ware
  • Beer taps
  • Speed Rail (which holds most popular or house spirits & liqueurs)
  • Soft Drink gun
  • Juices
  • Cocktail Equipment (Shakers, Spinal mixer, Hawthorn Strainer, Bar spoon, Sifter,
  . .Blender, Knife, Cutting Board, Muddling stick & anything else your bar may use.)
  • Cocktail & drink garnishes
  • Bottled Beers
  • Wines
  • Ice Bin
  • Sink
  • Spirits & Liqueurs
  • Straws, Coasters & Napkins
  • Cleaning Cloths
  • Glass washer
  • Ice machine
  • Spare Equipment & accessories
  • Bar Top
  • Fridges
  The.first.stage is simply.working.out what .together, by
  together we mean without taking more than 1 step.
  • Beer Taps & Beer Glass’s
  • Cocktail Equipment, Cocktail Glass’s, Cocktail garnishes, Ice bins, straws,
  coaster, napkins, juices, soft drink gun & Sink
  • Ice well, Speed rail, straws coasters, napkins, and soft drink gun
  • Wine & Wine Glass’s
  • Bar top & cleaning cloths
  Most of the worlds.busiest.bars now..have there . service.. area's. .designed. by. a .bar
  consultant. The.reason.this term .success
  is that is of major an exceptionally .beautiful bar. .The
  secret of maximizing the efficiency of your bar, is to have a great bar layout. most.of.the bars in the world.are poorly designed with little practical value
  to the bartenders. .that .serve in. them. At. bar .solutions we .aim to . ensure .your bar.
  makes money.
  You.may.have.a .magnificent.looking bar.that is great..but.if it ..takes. forever. to .make
  drinks.&.its effects. customer ..service.. then.. it ..may. .be. .an .expensive
  disappointing failure.
  The goal of .your. bar .design or.layout .should be. to make.bartending .easy & efficient,
  so your bartenders have more time to entertain your guests.
  For.any.extra.assistance on laying.out a bar, or designing a new bar we offer . solutions
  to enhance your venues.service. We designing and.operations.offering
  professional, yet, affordable services that both small and largebusinesses alike. cover.every aspect.of.the industry.from pre-conception, to planning, design,
  and development, to.functional operations.Bar Solutions is indeed an easy.way to
  make a great first impression on consumers and potential clients.
  Menu Designing
  The.reason.a beverage consultant.can help your organization as it’s our . business . to
  know what. .new .products.are in.the market &.how they can benefit your venue. We are
  most owners/ the hospitality.industry..who are .the success . of. . their. .bar. .and/or . restaurant project. .Whether .you’re
  opening a new .concept,.redeveloping.a.current. .concept .or. .could .simply.use .some
  inspired support, we look forward to hearing about your project.
  For.your venue.&.clientele our Bar industry.& relationships with . liquor
  companies,.allows organize product. knowledge .training.. &. .extra .services.. Bar
  Solutions can beverages you will need depending . on
  the Bar’s money by.making right quantities of
  liquor and. mixers. We.don't want .you. .to .end up ..with .tons. of ..bottles. .of.. alcoholic
  beverages.that you won't ever.use. Having the right. wine, spirits, Liqueurs & Beers for
  your clientele is essential for your venue’s success.
  With the aim to.always be one step. ahead.of.the competition, we can help you source
  the best new products launched in the market.
  We.pride of.all modern new trends in cocktail mixology. Bar
  solutions.also.take.a heavy. interest. in .trends. within regions.. We . vouch to. create. a
  unique cutting edge cocktail list that can set your bar apart from the competition. .can.create.a .cocktail.list suited to your. .bar .such. that . it . will .get . the
  attention your.. outlet.. deserves. 80 cocktails long list or use
  fresh fruits in every.cocktail. However, we has a potential for cocktails.
  Cocktails are more and more is more.and more.essential for a bar or a
  restaurant to have a ..cocktail ..offering .(they also are. very. high Profit items!) .We .can..
  produce.. a .perfectly .suited. and .well. balance. cocktail .list. that . .will .enhance. your.
  product .offering. as. well as help shift slow moving items.
  We believe.that our menu must. reflect and tantalize your audience. Crucially,
  it also.determines.your margins..Fusing these.elements into a varied and.inspiring. list
  demands. in-depth. knowledge. of. the. as .well .as. the ...craft of ..mixology.
  That’s where bar solutions adds vital value and more.
  We envision. products. that . grab the . attention, . exceed . expectation and keep guests
  coming back for more. Our menu development services include:
  • BEING INTELLIGENT: Profitability analysis on your current menu that is by in
  ..depth study on Product Pricing & Menu Design. Cost Analysis & Inventory
  ..Control is ensured by understanding the following aspects.
  • Ordering/Purchasing
  • Inventory Systems
  • Inventory Management
  • Auditing
  • Pricing Structure
  • Cash Controls
  • Profit Patterns
  • Stocking
  • Pour Controls
  • Theft Detection & Deterrence
  • Theft Prevention
  • Security Layouts
  • POS Systems
  • Auditing
  • Management Strategy
  • Policy & Procedures
  • Loss Recovery & Collection
  BEING UNIQUE: Advice on new spirits and cocktail innovations. Creation of new
  lists where required for instance setting up ‘Trend Concepts’.
  • BEING UPDATED: Evolving your menu to lead trends and offer new cocktail experiences
  Remember,.anyone.can.have a great business. plan, .but .the. restaurant/bar.
  built.on.several .key. factors. such. as. location,.trends, cost controls,.solid management,
  core staff, most.importantly.. a perfect menu. and . above all.the. ability to. fluctuate. these
  factors.over time. Regardless of. the .size of. the project, we .specialize in creating .great
  concepts with mind stirring classic menu designing.
  At Bar Solutions.we.believe tha.t“Service is the key to success”. While we’ve had a great
  time working to.produce exciting and.. innovative products, .we. know. that .service is the
  foundation.upon.which.everything else is . built. ..We .mean. the. kind. of .service. that. is
  unforgettable,.authentic, we achieve.this. by. tapping. into. the energy, . .the
  inspiration,.and resources.of all of your employees.” We create service .standards . that .
  are exceptional.and.authentic.resulting unforgettable atmospherefor ..guests .and
  employees alike.
  We.strategically.develop.daily roles. Implement. policies
  and procedures.that support.exceptional.service, bottom.line. profitability, and minimize your most. important. asset which is why. training is
  essential. Training .will.considerably.enhance your .guests experience and .reinforced.
  their loyalty .to your. venue. as well as increase profitability. Less staff is .needed when
  they are competent and properly trained and revenue is increased through up sales!
  We put.emphasis.on,.including.'on.the job'.simulations. We can with a customized, in depth and.ongoing training program to ensure quality
  and consistency.of.service. It is becoming a worldwide trend to have extensive training
  of & floor.staff. Hence we like a .way. that is .modularized, . giving a
  more flexible and enjoyable learning experience.
  With competition in bar industry getting the.most.out of .your staff. is essential to
  very .survival of .your .venue.. We. can. offer .you. a. range. of .courses. to. maximize the
  performance.of your.employees,.in a large.range. of .areas. .from.. product. knowledge,
  customer.service, advanced cocktail.making techniques right through to flair bartending.
  We can tailor a course to suit your venues needs.
  Your personally tailored training program could include
  • Customer Greetings
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Bar equipment & usage
  • Mixing techniques, speed mixing
  • Efficiency
  • Bar cleanliness
  • Selling Skills
  • Hygiene
  • Cocktail making & Innovations
  • Standard recipes
  • Outlet specific guidelines
  • Product Knowledge
  • Serving Knowledge
  • Flair bartending
  • Bar set up
  • Closing your bar
  • Internal competitions for increased productivity
  • Telephone skills
  • Wine knowledge & service
  • Gin, Rum, Bourbons, Whiskeys, Beer, Brandy, Vodka, Aperitifs, Liqueurs tailored to.suit your..individual.needs. & .requirements. .From. quick
  introductory. .advanced .master .training.. .We. .are ..known .for .impeccable
  customer .service, .unmatched .solutions, .and . .employing ..consultants .and
  experienced trainers. So .when. it people, we.insist.on.comprehensive.
  .training, ..constant development .while, of .course,. having.some. fun. along.. the way.
  Simply put, we approach the..industry .unlike. any other
  “Learning ..for.. life’ .and creating “Stars from Stars’. to.say.that. beginning – not. the.end of the process. Ultimately the
  value devising.of clear, written action plans that are to be
  implemented in the days & weeks following.
  Our. aim. is. to. have .your .staff .so .well. trained .they .only. have. to .worry. .abou.t being
  themselves with the guest. So if you haven’t contacted us yet “The Best Is Yet To Be’.
  Recruitment :-
  Bartending. jobs.can work. for everyone..It’s a. terrific ..full-time. job... Bartending.. is. the
  perfect,.fun flexible part-time.job..Bartending is.a great.transition.job..Since.many .years
  students have added value to all.our.elite. client’s outlets.through.bartending. No.matter
  of. the...age or.preferences our students passed out.. from our sister concern company
  called ‘Cocktails and Dreams’ and...beverage. .operations, found bartending happening outlets across.. cities. and
  countries. Bar .solutions. is .responsible. . .for. .providing .highest ..quality. .recruitment
  services. to .hotels, restaurants, clubs. and. bar .a .part of the . .consultancy
  service package. Just like creating a signature of. your
  planning.or creating.a versatile bar services.we.pride.ourselves..
  in providing charismatic,.knowledgeable, and .high.quality, friendly, fun people who.have
  lots.of personality and.most.importantly... Professional.Training to work.for. your.. outlet..
  thus underlining ‘Success’ for you.
  With our.full-time .bartending. job .placement .assistance .we. would. be glad. to let you
  select from our them.go...through...all...your’s
  Human Resource procedures of screening and interviews.
  Our students are employed with:
  Hilton (London, Dubai, Mumbai), Ritz Carlton (London), Ramada palm (New Jersey),
  Ambassador (Dubai), Jumeira (Dubai),
  Cruise Liner: Royal Caribbean, P & O Cruise, Carnival, Costa, Norwegian, Star Cruise.
  The Oberoi, Taj Mahal Hotel, Taj President, J.W. Marriott, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency,
  ITC Grand Maratha, Marine plaza, Guest Line.
  China House, Polyester, Hard Rock Café, Enigma, Indigo, Rock Bottom, Hawaiian
  shack, Starters & More, Squeeze, Poison, Zenzi, Rodas, Ruby Tuesday, TGIF, Vie
  Lounge, Velvet lounge, Cheer’s, Tendulkar’s, Olive, Out of the Blue, Henry Tham, Seijo
  & Soul Dish, Morocco, Taxi, Irish Café, Rio’s, Aziano, Barbeque Nation, Mangiferra,
  Flamboyante, Sports Bar.