We will answer all your questions while you find out how our hands-on bartending classes turn .you. into a. fast effective bartender. When you enroll at `Cocktails and Dreams School, you're .not .just a .number but you become a member of the ‘Cocktails and Dreams’ family. Like us if you also think that one should have the
• choice to select what best suits their needs
• emphasis on practice is essential
• experienced and up to date trainers should be there
• employment opportunities and job recruitment facility should be available

• the course fees should be flexible and economical

• training should be more personalized and tailored
• course timings should be convenient
• the courses should be modularized, giving a more flexible and enjoyable learning
..experience along with best facilities and much more
We .assure you that your search ends here because we surely have it all that you may have imagined .and it’s already been created for ‘you’- our dear prospective student of ‘Cocktails and Dreams’.
Q: What do I learn at Cocktails & Dreams?
A: Our .training .consists .of .precise .subject .understanding each day along with hands on
.....training. .We ..don’t ..want ..you .to ..learn .bartend .sitting ..behind ..a ..desk. ..Under ..the
.....qualified .instructors .supervision .all .our .students. learn .and prepare each recipe. You
.....will .be .introduced .to .over .250 .cocktail .recipes .and .the .techniques to prepare them.
.....Every .aspect .of .the .beverage .service .industry .are .covered .in .our .course .including
.....customer .service, product knowledge and service, flair bartending, interacting with wait
.....staff and current trends and much more.
Q: After I graduate, how long does it take to get a bartending job?
A: Job .placement .assistance .commences .the .day .you join. Some of our students begin
. . .lining .up .jobs .while .they .are .still .in .the .class. .We .persuade .and .give .you .ample
. . .knowledge and confidence that you would be motivated to take up a job instantly.
Q: Can I use your job placement assistance more than once?
A: We welcome our graduates to use the job placement assistance service as often as
. . .needed. If you aren't satisfied with your present job you can always use the job
. . .placement assistance service to find a better one.
Q: Can I use the schools facilities once I graduate?
A: Yes certainly as a graduate of `Cocktails and Dreams’ you will have full access to our
. . .facilities as long as you want to be a bartender. Graduates can always retake classes,
. . .stop in and practice, use the job placement assistance service, or re-attend the entire
. . .program free of charge
Q: Do you use real liquor?
A: No, we use colored liquids that resemble the exact color and consistency of the
. . .Ingredients being used.
Q: How do you know the drinks are made properly if you don't use real liquor?
A: The ingredients in all recipes are carefully measured to ensure consistency, just like a
. . .real bar.
Q: How many drinks will I learn?
A: Upon completing the course, students will know 300 drinks. While some schools
. . .claim this amount is unnecessary, we feel that it provides bartenders with a vast
. . .amount of recipes at their disposal, which will enable them to work practically
. . .anywhere with ease. We offer a full Mixology program, we teach both the trendy
. . .drinks that are needed to work in the hottest clubs, and the classic cocktails that are
. . .needed to work in the most reputable restaurants and hotels. Just ask yourself this
. . .question: Would you be more comfortable beginning your bartending career knowing
. . .100-150 drinks or 300 drinks and be able to work anywhere.
Q: How do I remember all the drinks?
A: Our techniques of teaching is designed to make learning recipes simple and
. . .fun. Also our study manual is designed to remember recipes quick and easy.
Q: How much does a bartender make?
A: There is a wide range in salaries in the bartending field. You may get an hourly rate or
.....it could be standard "shift pay". When you begin your bartending career, you should
.....expect to make anywhere between 5000 to 7500 per month. As time passes and you
.....gain experience, expect to make more. Much more. Beware of those who promise
....."big bucks" when you begin bartending.
Q: Will I have to renew my certification?
A: No. Once the certification has been issued, it is good for as long as you wish to pursue . . . .bartending.
Q: What is the percentage of students who get jobs?
A: 100%, if you want to work, you will be working. You are not limited to only one job;
.....our job placement services are unlimited.
Q. Where are the Cocktails & Dreams Bar Schools?
. . .Cocktails & Dreams - MUMBAI
. . .Flat no 5, Shiv Shakti Building, 4th Road Corner, Khar West, Mumbai – 52
. . .022 2646 5557, +91 98191 83987
. . .Cocktails & Dreams- NEW DELHI
. . .33 B, 5/9, Basement, Kishangarh, Vasant Kunj,
. . .Near MLA Office, New Delhi - 110070.
     Tel: 011 41069600.
Q. Is the course enjoyable?
A. Our Testimonials speak for themselves; our philosophy from the start of the course is . . . . Objective No1. Enjoy the course, and the learning will become so much easier. . . . . . . . . .. .Bartending is a fun career; our courses are formal when they need to be.
Q. Are there examinations?
A. There are various practical and written examinations (instructor support is given for . . . . ....students with learning difficulties); Free-pouring accuracy tests are also available. We . . . ..also monitor all students’ progress throughout the course on all practical and . . ....theoretical modules.
Santosh Dasari – July 2006
As a graduate of ‘ Cocktails and Dreams’ today I am confident about my product knowledge, skills, professional etiquette & alcohol awareness which helps me in effectively and responsibly meet the demands of the thriving industry.
David Solomon – September 2006
"I .would .like .to .take .the .time .to .sincerely .thank .you .for .the .services. I .received .while attending .the .‘Cocktails .and .Dreams” .the .school .of .bar and beverage operations in December .of .2007. .Your .expertise .is unparalleled and your patience was infinite. I knew very little of the bartending field when I began attending your class and left feeling confident and .knowledgeable. .I .am .certain. that. your .skill .as a teacher was a significant enabling factor. .I .very .much .enjoyed. the .ease .with .which .you .interacted. with your students and appreciated.. the ..experience ..that ..you ..brought ..to ..the ..classroom... I ..would ..certainly recommend .anyone I know who would be interested in entering the bartending profession to attend your class. Again, thank you for both your enthusiasm and knowledge."
Ajay Srivastava – May 2007
"I recently .graduated .from ‘Cocktails and Dreams’ – Mumbai .and I am writing this to state that I was very pleased with the course. I learned things that .most bartenders around don't have a clue about, and that's thanks to all our teachers. I can truly say that I will never forget all of you, and I thank you all for the experience."
Pratik Vyas – May 2005
"I .would .like. to take .an .opportunity .to .express. a few words of admiration, adoration and respect. .I .have .just .recently .completed .the .Bartender's ..comprehensive .course .at .the ‘Cocktails .and. Dreams’ where I was instructed by Vijay Rawat, Kishore Thapar, Siddhesh and .Pranav. .May .I .say, .that .without .a .doubt, .that .all ..of .you ..are .absolutely .the. most informative, .highly .knowledgeable, .kindest, .sincerest, ..and ..best ..teachers. I .have .ever encountered.. And, .believe .me .that .say .a .whole lot because I've consumed many, many years. in classrooms with instructors! All the instructors at ‘Cocktails and Dreams’ deserve a .lot .for .their .devotion. to .preparing prospective bartenders for their trade. Thank you very much."
Deepak Mishrikoti – February 2006
"Thanks .so .much .for .all .the .experience. that .I .received. at .the ‘Cocktails .and .Dreams’ School. All of you are wonderful instructors. The confidence you have given me will help me exceed .my own expectations of my abilities as a bartender. You all are great people. Hope to see everyone in the future. And again, thank you for the great experience."
Topson Pires – September 2005
I .had .a .great .experience .while .I also had fun and I learned immensely at `Cocktails and Dreams’ – Mumbai. .The .practical .work .was .very .good .& the theory was well presented. Overall I can say that it was fun, informative and the trainers are excellent.
Sushant Mane – January 2006
I .never .thought .I .could .pick .it .all .up .so fast. I'm so proud of myself .It has been the best learning experience of my life.
Nikhil Naik – January 2007
My .course at the ‘Cocktails and Dreams’ Mumbai was exactly what I needed to get a job in the industry. This course sets you up really well. I have learnt a lot in a friendly environment. Thank you!!
Omkar Watwe – September 2005
I .had .an .awesome .time .while .completing .my .course .at. the. ‘Cocktails .and. Dreams’- Mumbai. The presenters are great, fun and very helpful.
It .was .great ..to. learn ..from ..someone .with .exceptionally .high .level .of .experience .and knowledge. Thanks a ton to all the team of through professionals at the school.
Hardik Patel – May 2005
I .would .highly. recommend .the .course. because. of .the .good .skills .anyone is bound to develop .at .the .end .of .the .course. .Thank .you .so .much, .I .owe .my success today to my teachers at ‘Cocktails and Dreams’ – Mumbai.
Vinita Pinto – August 2005
I .can .go. on .and .on about this big family... the best bartending academy in the bartending circuit .with .the. best .bartenders .to .teach .and .it .is ..undoubtedly ..the ..most .recognised bartending academy ... .with .no bartending experience i decided to make a career change. A .friend .of .mine .told. me .about .cocktails and dreams. i joined, had a great time learning and .learnt .everything .it. takes .to. be.a .great .bartender n thanks to the course i did i got a great .job .toooooooo. .Cocktails .and ..dreams ..has ..come .a .long .way .and .m sure .this success .is .never .ending. ‘Cocktails .& Dreams’ was the best career decision i took and it took. me .a. looooooooong .way .... i .got .all .the .support, .help n counseling i needed from them.. It. was .a great learning experience for me. I am proud to ever have been associated with ‘Cocktails & Dreams’ d. way to go guys!!!
PS: Thank you Mr. Vijaypal Rawat, Mr. Kishore Thapar and Mr. Siddesh Dhamnaskar all the very best!!!!!














































































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