Today’s . .classroom .of . tomorrow’s .successful . .bartenders.!!!! .The. motto ..thus . .being
‘Inspiring .Excellence’ along .with immense .passion, .vision and .dedication .the inception
of ‘Cocktails and Dreams’ – The school of Bar . &. . Beverage . operations.was made in the
year .9th .May .2005. .Creativity! . .Refinement! . .Perfection! .These .words .best . describes
'Cocktails & .Dreams', . for .those .dedicated .to .learn in the most .meticulous and greatest
manner .we . at “ .Cocktails .and .Dreams” ..are .here .to .deliver .a .shared .commitment to
success and excellence.
If .you are .passionate .about .bartending .allow .us .to .stir .your .creativity .at 'Cocktails and
Dreams' as we are lauded for quality and perfection.The school will train people interested
in .the .field .of .bartending to become professional bartenders in commercial bars and will
also .conduct .short-term . exciting .courses .for .Amateurs .in the art of home bartending or
cocktail .making .at .home. .We .boast .of appealing to those who adore being the best and
let .your .sense ..of . .imagination .be .rekindled . .and .trained .with .our .modest .expertise.
Our .years .of .experience . have ..taught .us .what .employers .really .want .when .they .hire.
Our .classes .are .quick, .effective.and . ensure .that .you'll .graduate .with all the skills and
polish .that .lead to success. All classes are taught behind fully-equipped bars. Our proven
methods will allow you to master all the following professional bartender skills.
Mixology ... Over 150 martinis, tropical drinks, novelty shooters and classics cocktails.
• Product Knowledge ... Beers, wines, top shelf liquors and more!
• Presentation and Etiquette ... for casual to upscale clientele.
• Trade Secret Tip Generating Techniques.
• Cash Handling.
• Excellent customer service.
• Open/closing procedures
• Sanitation
• Precise free pouring
• Inventory control
• Up selling
• Liquor substitutes, garnishes and glass wares
• Bar Tricks and Techniques
• Job search techniques
• Credit card procedures
• Bar tools , setup and take down and much more
• Flair bottle flipping classes (in an additional class - contact us to find out more)
The .classes are structured much like on the job training and include frequent stimulations
of .real .life on the . job .bar .training .and .situations. .While .preparing .for your new career,
you'll .enjoy .a .low .pressure, .fun-filled .environment .in .which .we will refine your abilities.
'Cocktails and Dreams' .is .a .client .driven, entrepreneurial and .dedicated in providing the
best bar solutions and services in timely and cost efficient manner and thus genuine client
appreciation and retention is our company’s biggest hallmark today.
Here .at 'Cocktails .and Dreams' .we .are .dedicated .to .the .highest .level .of training in the
hospitality .industry. .Our class sizes are small, which allows us to go through your studies
at a little faster than usual pace. The school currently offers three courses. The first .course
is .targeted .primarily .for.newcomers to the field of bartending, while the second course .is
targeted .for.individuals who .have already .had .some .basic .exposure to bartending. The
third .course .is .formatted . for .individuals who have an inclination towards flair bartending
and .who .would . like .to develop .a .skill in .performance bartending and show bartending.
All .this .helps .our .student .upon graduation to receive the job of their choice at major local
hotels, resorts, restaurants, country clubs, cruise ships and casinos.
Our recipe for success:
At .Mumbai 'Cocktails & .Dreams' . Mr. Vijaypal .Rawat, . .Mr. Kishore .Thapar, .Mr.Siddesh
Dhamnaskar .& .Mr. Pranav Thakkar are .pleased to share their expertise to offer a defined,
detailed, .complete .course .on .bartending .and .beverage .operations..that . has . been
recognized .and .affiliated .to .the Global Bartending trainers Affiliation, Canada. Under the
above format the school imparts knowledge on different forms of alcoholic beverages from
spirit and wines to cocktails – Classics to contemporary with attitude incorporated. We only
accept students with a passion for learning.
We have small class sizes with hands-on, personalized one-on-one training.
Our students learn on state-of-the-art equipments.
We are very serious about maintaining the high quality of our training
Our graduates enjoy the benefits or our highly effective, free job placement assistance
We .have .worked .hard to .provide .only .the highest quality bartending training which gives
our .graduates .the .knowledge .and skills that help to make our job placement .assistance
program very successful. Come to Cocktails and Dreams and see for yourself !
We .ensure .that .our .students . .enjoy . .the .seamless .experience .of .maximum .industry
exposure, interaction with professional bartenders, liquor marketers in the best hotels and
bars. .Sincere .client .and .student .appreciation .is one .of .the hallmarks of 'Cocktails and
The .School .of .Bar and Beverage Operations provides individuals and managers .some
of .the .most .comprehensive training .programs available in India. Our bartending courses
offer .you / or .your employees the .opportunity .to .train .in all disciplines of bartending from
customer .service .to bar etiquette, sales and presentation, product knowledge to mixology
and .much .more. .The School .has .trained .more .bartenders and provided bartending job
placement .assistance .for .bartender jobs throughout the country. Many of our students .go
on .to .work with some of the .most respected bars in the country. Your Bartending Training
begins, .where .else, .behind .the .bar! .You .will .learn the skills it takes to be a .successful
bartender. .You .will learn the proper way to open, close and maintain your bar to keep your
boss .happy and .the .secrets .of .making .great .drinks .to . .keep . .the .customers .happy.
At 'Cocktails and .Dreams' .we've .been .refining our Bartending Course over the years and
are .confident .that we provide the most .complete, up-to-date Bartending Training Program
available anywhere! Hence our students are very excited to go to work in the industry.
So what are you waiting for? Join the long league of successful bartenders and choose
'Cocktails and Dreams' as your career path learning institute.
Call today!!!
Core Team:
At . ‘Cocktails .and .Dreams', .Bartending .is a life skill. .It .teaches .you how to treat people
well and make them feel good.”
• The significant contributors of 'Cocktails and Dreams' are seasoned professionals
. .with valuable years of experience in bartending, competitions and years of
. .training experience under their belt.
• With a steep history in training and consultancy, we offer bartenders the greatest
. .opportunity to take bartending skills to the highest level of proficiency and
. .undoubtedly a promising career in it too
Vijaypal Rawat
Kishore Thapar
• Mukesh Khatri
   Asst. Manager at Cocktails & Dreams
• Pranav Thakkar
   Head Client Servicing & Operations
• Ruturaj Bhosle
   Asst. Client Servicing & Operations
• Elrico Fernandes
   Manager Marketing & Business Development
• Bhushan Bhangre
   Head Purchase & Stores
• Ravi Maurya 
   Manager Accounts


























































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