AHTA - simplifies the answer to an age-old question: Can I be successful?

“When a student is at “Advanced Hospitality Training Academy”, everything they learn makes them successful”.

We provide a platform that will endeavor to guide young people in understanding their education and career, together with other issues relevant to them, so that they may shape their own future and lead successful, rewarding lives.

Statistics show that when a student enrolls at “AHTA”, he/she inculcate the values of honesty, dedication, creativity, innovation, self development, effective communication skills, confidence & immense updated knowledge about the latest hospitality trends. Above all we impart the right attitude of ‘Service before Self’, because at AHTA we believe that a ‘right attitude’ is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference.

In today's economy, there are more jobs available in the food & beverage segment of hospitality than ever before. This industry has never shown better growth than ever before and it is increasing day by day exponentially. It is our mission to create a superior pool of young people with information at their fingertips, also who are abreast with current trends, smart, hard working & have the required product knowledge, who understand guest requirements, try to pre-empt that and at times exceed them in order to meet the growing demand of the trade.

  Here are just some of the things that we have for our prospective student : -  
Best professional & experienced faculty.  
Convenient course timings.  
Personalized training along with course content being comprehensive & accurate.  
Facilities & infrastructure of international standards.  
Uniforms of superior quality.  
Industry exposure through on job training in star graded properties.  
In depth knowledge given by our guest lecturers who are renowned personalities from the industry.  
Emphasis on role play & practical learning methodology, using exactly the same gear as a star graded restaurant.  
“Earn while you learn” through waiting at out door corporate / celebrity event’s, weddings and parties.  
Meticulous training on latest trends of the trade also in terms of various cuisines.  
Flexibility in payment of fees.  
100 % job guarantee in India as well as internationally.  
  Call us today to acquire your seat of wisdom and let us lead you to a bright future.  
Q: What do I learn at AHTA?
A: Our training consists of precise subject understanding each day along with hands on
training. Here we don’t want you to learn just service but professional & guest comfort service standards. Under the qualified instructors & supervision all our students learn the etiquettes of service. You will be introduced to international cusines with the styles and techniques to serve them.
Every aspect of the service industry & their trends are covered in our course including customer service, product knowledge and service, interacting with other staff, current trends and much more.
Q: After I graduate, how long does it take to get a Wait staff job?
A: Job placement assistance commences the day you join. Some of our students start with
jobs lined up while they are still in the class. We inculcate you with enough knowledge and confidence that you would be motivated to take up a job instantly.
Q: Can I use your job placement assistance more than once?
A: We welcome our graduates to use the job placement assistance service as often as
needed. If you aren't satisfied with your present job you can always use the job
placement assistance service to find a better one.
Q: Can I use the schools facilities once I graduate?
A: Yes certainly as a graduate of `Advance Hospitality Training Academy’ you have full
access to our facilities as long as you want to be a Wait staff. Graduates can always retake classes, stop in and practice, use the job placement assistance service, or re-attend the entire program free of charge.
Q: Do you provide us with all you work with in star graded property?
A: Yes here you get all cutlery, crockery, equipment, systems, & machinery to make the
best of it.
Q: How do we know the service is perfect if you don't have real guest?
A: Yes we assure you that the standard of service you learn & provide is perfect as we
have the internationally experienced faculty.
Q: How many styles of service do I learn?
A: You not only learn the different styles of service but also those which are thought
keeping in mind guest comforts.
Q: How do I remember my theory?
A: Our techniques of teaching is designed with a lot of case study, example and
international experience. Also our study manual is designed to remember them quick
and easy.
Q: How much does a wait staff make?
A: There is a wide range in salaries in the service field. You may get an hourly rate or
it could be standard "shift pay". When you begin your service career, you should
expect to make anywhere between Rs 4000/- to Rs 6500/- per month. As time passes and you gain experience, expect to make more. Much more Beware of those who promise "big bucks" when you begin your career.
Q: Will I have to renew my certification?
A: No once the certification has been issued, it is good for as long as you wish to pursue
in service industry.
Q: What is the percentage of students who get jobs?
A: 100%, if you want to work, you will be working. You are not limited to only one job;
our job placement services are unlimited.
Q: Where is the “Advance Hospitality Training Academy” located?
A: “Advance Hospitality Training Academy”, Flat no 8, Shiv Shakti building, 4th Road
Corner, Khar West, Mumbai – 52 .
Q: Is the course enjoyable?
A. Our philosophy from the start of the course is emphasized more on practicals. We
assure that you will enjoy the course, and the learning will become much easier
than you would have ever experienced.
Q. Are there examinations?
A. There are various practical and written examinations (instructors support is given to
students with learning difficulties); Guest comfort service tests are also taken. We also
monitor every students progress throughout the course on all practical and theoretical
Q. Will I get Industrial training?
A. Yes you certainly will avail a great industry exposure & as a part of our syllabus itself. We organize for you a phenomenal industrial training only at star graded properties where you would earn your stipend while you learn. You would also be awaiting a formal certificate for this industrial training.























































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Phone : 022-26465557, 9819183987, 9820319668 Email : info@ahta.in, barsolutions9@gmail.com