About Us
  Want to impress your guests??? .Need a solution .here’s ‘Bar .Solutions’ a ..one .stop
  shop .where .we .can . .assist .you .with .all .professional ..consultancy ..services!!!! .By
  professional .we .mean .remembering .little things, such as pre-chilled glass for every
  “Martini” & which drinks get a sugared rim "Daiquiri".
  When .it comes to throwing a bash, it’s hard to deny that libations play an integral role.
  Bars .are .magical .places, .full .of ..smoke, .fried .foods, .happy .people .with .lowered
  standards ...and .almost .always .alcohol. .But .what .happens .when .you entertain .at
  private .parties, .weddings, .events, .product .launches? .Not .only .are you expected to
  have .a .fully .stocked .bar, but those baby pearl onions had better be at the ready, and
  you may .hear .reports. that .the .drapes ..are .on .fire. .Panicked,. we ..sought .just .the
  solution for you at ‘Bar Solutions’ a firm having .high .quality .bartending .services. that
  today’s .discerning .hosts .have .come .to expect. The .founders being Vijaypal .Rawat
  (Director) .and .Kishore Thapar .(Director) .recognized .that .while there did exist a few
  on-premise/party/event .bartending .services .in. India, .these services fell .far short of
  the .expectations ..the .two .had .come ..to ..rely ..upon ..as ..bartenders ..at .the . finest
  restaurants and clubs in the cities. With a combined 19 years of high-volume and fine
  dining .bartending .experience between .the two, they embarked detailed services like
  bar .designing, .menu .designing, training .& .recruitment .for various segments of the
  hospitality .industry. thus. filling .a .gap. they .perceived. in the professional bartending
  required for all.
  Today .along .with a full fledged dedicated team Siddesh Dhamnaskar (Head Trainer)
  & .Pranav ..Thakkar ..(Events Head) .are .the .core. team ..professionals ..that ..have .a
  minimum .of .9 .years .experience. in .high-volume, .upscale. .bars, .where . they..have
  handled .kaleidoscope .of ..liquor .bottles. .They .have ..been .professional ..trained .at
  ‘Cocktails .and .Dreams’ .an .institute .of .bar .and .beverage. management which is a
  sister .concern .of ‘Bar Solutions’. .Here .they.learnt how to make and serve drinks the
  right way, .but also .learnt .what to--and not to-- talk about. As a bartender, just like any
  good host, is there to please his guests.”
  At .Bar .Solutions .we .maintain .the .highest level of skilled, professional, and reliable
  bartenders. .No matter .how .much. the .crowd .and .chaos .our bartenders have been
  tuned. to .never. take .shortcuts .as .they .understand .that .a .cocktail .recipe may look
  convoluted, .but .every .step .has a purpose. Chilling a glass, blending the ingredients
  for. the .proper .amount. of time, twisting the lemon into a martini rather than .dropping
  it a .little .extra .time .translates. into .taste .and guest satisfaction. So .you can be sure
  that .we .assure. to .go .the .extra .mile to make sure your event is .exciting, happening
  and rocking.
  We. have .a .deep-seated .belief .in, .and .respect .for, .the time-honored profession of
  bartending. ..We ..are ..ommitted. .to. ..providing ...you ...and ..guests. .with ...seasoned
  professionals. whose .skill .and .knowledge .will .ensure. the .success .of . your. most
  important event.
  Being .in .the .bartending .industry .for .several .years, .we .understand the meaning of
  service. .We .believe.that bartending is not just preparing drinks but also the customer
  service .given. .With .this .approach .today .we .pride ..ourselves ..to ..be .the .exclusive
  bartending .company. for .liquor .companies .like .Diageo .India .private limited,United
  Spirits ..& ...United ...Breweries, ..Bacardi ..Martini ...India.. .private....limited, Seagrams
  Distilleries .private .limited. .Also .we have organized promotional launchesand events
  in .a .grand .way .for .the .premium .products .of. brands. like .Smirnoff .vodka, Johnnie
  walker .whisky .Range, .Bacardi .Rum, .Royal .challenge whisky, Romanov .vodka and
  such others.
  With .our .forte .being .Bar .designing, .Unique .menu planning and professional .staff
  training .we .have .many .renown .names .where .we .have successfully earned .client
  compliments . .such . .as .Sayaji . .Hotels, .Barbeque . .nation .(a project .of . over .100
  restaurants all over India), . Cavim . .Hospitality . Private . .Limited (Design, Menu .and
  training), Rock Bottom, Taxi – The fusion kitchen and many others.
  Today .our .bartenders now .way beyond the basics and they are professionally ready
  for .every situation which .is reason .that . we . .relish . .bar . .contracts ..with . Bombay
  Gymkhana and Khar Gymkhana.
  As we know .that .this .industry .is.pretty . .recession-proof," as "When times are good,
  people . drink. .When .times .are .bad, people .drink." . .Hence at . ‘Bar .Solutions’ our
  dedicated mission is to exceed client expectations and deliver with style always.