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We will answer all your questions while you find out how our hands-on bartending classes turn you into a fast effective bartender. When you enroll at `Cocktails and Dreams School, you’re not just a number but you become a member of the ‘Cocktails and Dreams’ family. Like us if you also think that one should have the

• Choice to select what best suits their needs
• Emphasis on practice is essential
• Experienced and up to date trainers should be there
• Employment opportunities and job recruitment facility should be available
• The course fees should be flexible and economical
• Training should be more personalized and tailored
• Course timings should be convenient
• The courses should be modularized, giving a more flexible and enjoyable learning experience along with best facilities and much more

We assure you that your search ends here because we surely have it all that you may have imagined and it’s already been created for ‘you’- our dear prospective student of ‘Cocktails and Dreams’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our training consists of precise subject understanding each day along with hands on training. We don’t want you to learn bartend sitting behind a desk. Under the qualified instructors supervision all our students learn and prepare each recipe. You will be introduced to over 250 cocktail recipes and the techniques to prepare them. Every aspect of the beverage service industry are covered in our course including customer service, product knowledge and service, flair bartending, interacting with wait staff and current trends and much more.

Job placement assistance commences the day you join. Some of our students begin lining up jobs while they are still in the class. We persuade and give you ample knowledge and confidence that you would be motivated to take up a job instantly.

We welcome our graduates to use the job placement assistance service as often as needed. If you aren’t satisfied with your present job you can always use the job placement assistance service to find a better one.

Yes certainly as a graduate of `Cocktails and Dreams’ you will have full access to our facilities as long as you want to be a bartender. Graduates can always retake classes, stop in and practice, use the job placement assistance service, or re-attend the entire program free of charge.

No, we use coloured liquids that resemble the exact colour and consistency of the Ingredients being used.

Upon completing the course, students will know 300 drinks. While some schools claim this number is unnecessary, we feel that it provides bartenders with a vast amount of recipes at their disposal, which will enable them to work practically anywhere with ease. We offer a complete Mixology program, we teach both the trendy drinks that are needed to work in the hottest clubs, and the classic cocktails that are needed to work in the most reputable restaurants and hotels. Just ask yourself this question: Would you be more comfortable beginning your bartending career knowing 100-150 drinks or 300 drinks and be able to work anywhere.

Our techniques of teaching is designed to make learning recipes simple and fun. Also our study manual is designed to remember recipes quick and easy.

There is a wide range in salaries in the bartending field. You may get an hourly rate or it could be standard “shift pay”.
When you begin your bartending career, you should expect to make anywhere between 18000 to 20000 per month. As time passes and you gain experience, expect to make more. Beware of those who promise “big bucks” when you begin bartending.

No. Once the certification has been issued, it is good for as long as you wish to pursue bartending.

100%, if you want to work, you will be working. You are not limited to only one job; our job placement services are unlimited.

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